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BBNaija Reunion: Gist on Dorathy, Brighto, Wathoni sexual affair

The ongoing BBNaija Reunion has revealed a lot of shocking truths and surprising moments. One of which centers around the sexual affairs of Dorathy, Brighto and Wathoni.

Since the show started, the housemates never hid their feelings on what they did when they were in the house. The fourth episode of the Big Brother Naija ‘Lockdown’ Reunion show was centered around the love triangle between Brighto, Wathoni, and Dorathy.


According to Wathoni, she and Brighto hooked up and the feeling was mutual. She also revealed how Dorathy got involved in the Love Triangle.

Wathoni narrated, “I hooked up with Brighto after he kissed me on my neck. I began to see him as my go-to person in the house. Everybody had their own personal person. I told Trikky that he might not like me. But I don’t care because I need to be happy and I was using him to make myself happy.”

Wathoni went ahead to reveal Dorathy and Brighto’s sexual affair. She revealed that something happened between Brighto and Dorathy and she knew because she was the one who changed the sheets.


Dorathy on her own part said she got involved in BrightO and Wathoni’s triangle because she wanted to remove herself from Ozo and Nengi’s situation. Dorathy mentioned that Brighto got closer to her by painting her nails. She also confirmed that they had a sexual affair, as alleged by Wathoni and she gave him a blowj*b, but felt bad when he did not check up on her the next day. According to her, she mentioned Brighto on stage to avoid the Prince/Tbaj/Wathoni situation. 


Brighto gave a shocking response for not talking to Dorathy the following morning after their romance. He asked, “What do you want me to tell her?”

Brighto said he had no intention of going into any relationship and did no give Wathoni a definite answer, so as not to break her heart.

The show is still ongoing and Empire is sure to bring more interesting gists from the show.

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