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BBNaija6: Angel, Saskay, Cross, Yousef and Emmanuel, up for eviction

Angel, Saskay, Cross, Yousef and Emmanuel have been nominated for possible eviction this Sunday. Although they had an opportunity to save themselves from possible eviction if they had won the head of the house challenge.

The live nominations took place first and Whitemoney was called in first to make his Nominations. Here’s how it went:

Whitemoney nominated Angel and Yousef

Saskay nominated Yousef and Emmanuel.

Saga nominated Yousef and Angel.

Angel nominated Saga and Emmanuel.

Yousef nominated Liquorose and Cross

Liquorose nominated Angel and Yousef.

Pere nominated Nini and Angel.

Nini nominated Emmanuel and Angel.

Cross nominated Nini and Whitemoney.

Queen nominated Yousef and Saskay

Emmanuel nominated Saskay and Pere.

At the end of the nominations, Angel, Yousef, Saskay, Nini and Emmanuel amassed the highest votes. However, they had one opportunity to remove themselves from this list during the Head of House game which happened shortly after, but Whitemoney finally emerged as the HOH while Nini, who was initially up for possible eviction, won the Veto Power.

Nini had the chance to save herself and she picked Cross to replace her for this week’s Nomination.

Angel while speaking with Saskay after the task, revealed that she does not participate actively in the HoH games because she always believes she’s unlucky. In her words;

“People supporting me will be wondering what was wrong with me during the Head of House game. Some people have luck with the game and I don’t, so I don’t bother stressing myself. I hope people supporting me understand. My body was just weak. I need to tone down a little bit this week and watch from the sidelines. I’m not looking for fame right now. I just want to rest”.

In a previous nomination while Boma was in the house, Boma nominated Saskay with the excuse that she is not mentally capable of being on the reality show.

“In all honesty I nominated Saskay because she has had panic attack twice in this house. She does not participate in the house socially. I feel she’s not mentally capable to stay in this house. She has never participated in truth or dare games in the house. I don’t think she’s strong enough to stand this house,” Boma said.

Saskay had earlier expressed a strong conviction that her boyfriend won’t be in a relationship with her when she eventually leaves the house.Saskay revealed this in a discussion she had with one of the now evicted housemates, Arin.

Arin asked asked if her boyfriend would actually sustain their relationship when she exits the house.

Responding to this, she vehemently uttered NO, she went on to explain that her boyfriend doesn’t even allow her to wear bum shorts in his presence.

Arin out of curiosity demanded to know his reasons and if it was coming from the moral or religious perspective. Saskay however replied saying that it is due to his religion and he’s a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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