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BBNaija6: Angel Triggers Reactions as she shows off her private part to housemates

Angel has captured the attention of Netizens yet again, as she put her private part on display for her fellow housemates.

Whitemoney, Queen and Angel were all in the closet and Angel decided to expose her privates. When Angel raised up her cloth to reveal her private part, a surprised Queen said, ” Close your this thing, Angel. Why are you opening it for everybody to see?”

Whitemoney responded, “Angel is a marketer. She’s doing her duty.”

Angel did not listen to their talk as she kept on pulling up her shirt and smiling. She then said, “Did you see anybody here?”

Following Angel’s display, fans have taken to Twitter to comment on her recent behaviour. While some hailed her, others berated her. Some of her fans also attacked Whitemoney for his ‘marketer’ comment.

A fan, @ifechican, said, “You guys coming for Angel. ‘He/She who is without sin let him/her cast the first stone’.”

Lytskinnedgirl said,  “I just logged in to see Angel’s vagina everywhere. I just have to ask, is Angel okay? I understand that she doesn’t wear a bra because she is comfortable in her skin, but what explanation do you give for her showing the world her private part? How do you defend that act?”

Recalling past housemates from earlier seasons, @Teshap05 said, ” The crazy thing about Angel’s fans is that, majority of them massively attacked Nengi and Erica last season! Including slut-shaming them! But this season, the same actions have been termed ‘real her’ and content. The hypocrisy stinks!”

So angel fans want to drag Whitemoney. Una no reach o. We go sink una. She has actually done enough and I don’t think she is there for the game again. N to sell her market. Yes I said it.  So Whitemoney isn’t wrong. He said it to her face,” @koka_dot said.

Angel had earlier disclosed that she enjoys wearing clothes that expose her body but it irks her that those female housemates keep judging her. Angel said that wearing revealing clothes is a part of her lifestyle and she doesn’t deserve to be criticized.

She further stated that she has been friendly with everyone in the house and most guys have seen her nakedness but despite the way she flaunts her nude, she also has the right to be respected as a lady.

She said that the decision to flaunt her nakedness is her choice and she is a full-grown adult who has the right to her body.

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