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BBNaija6: Head of House, Liquorose issues stern warning to housemates

The Big Brother Naija Head of House for Week 5, Liquorose has issued a stern warning to her fellow housemates for not giving her the respect due to her.

When Liquorose emerged as the Head of House, she tried to be as diplomatic and democratic as possible and even offered to cook for the housemates but it seems they decided to take her for leniency for laxity

Liquorose had earlier cautioned the housemates about their noise and they ignored her, including her deputy, Saga.

On Wednesday night, Liquorose gathered the housemates in the lounge to express how little it made her feel when she cautioned them about their noise and nobody listened to her including the deputy HoH.

“The disrespect you have got me would not be tolerated, you all are killing my morale and not giving me the attention and respect I deserve. I told you all to keep quiet but you all wouldn’t do that, even my deputy HOH disrespected me.

You guys are making me feel little and second guess myself. I wouldn’t do that to all of you if you were HOH, please don’t talk when I’m talking. Failure to adhere to these rules I’ll report you all to Big Brother,” she said.

Meanwhile, Liquorose appears to have regretted her decision of choosing Saga as her deputy and complained about him not being as involved and always distancing himself in the HOH room.

In a different chat with Whitemoney, Liquorose disclosed how displeased she was that Saga continued to counter her opinions in the presence of the other housemates, thereby making her look stupid and feel so little.

Whitemoney however advised her to talk to Saga and to make his responsibilities as the DHOH clear to him. Whitemoney also said the HOH was probably feeling stressed with the position because her deputy was not strong in backing her up and because Liquorose is a woman, people might want to undermine her authority. 

Netizens had different things to say about Whitemoney’s advice to Liquorose. While some people were impressed, others said he was doing too much. Read some of their comments below:

Primrosedodo:“Nice one wise money she needed to hear this.”

Noggra_:“No o…Sheybi they all said Pere was strict during his reign, make she enjoy .”

Amy__dollars:“For Saga that dhoh is for him to be with nini in the lounge nothing else.”

Allencuzzi: “When PERE was a firm leader they complained..Now they have one who they can do any how and she is not ok with it.They dont even listen.It just shows how people take people for granted based on their weaknesses.”

Dope_tessy: “This guy talks too much, he just was to be in charge of everything haba.”

Efe_menawills: “White money becoming the male version of Arin always dishing advise. ITK.”

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