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BBNaija6: Housemates Nominate Perceived Wildcards

Sundays are usually for eviction but this time around, big brother had other plans as he got the house really tensed when the housemates were finally asked to nominate the Wildcards in the house. Now the question, Will Pere and Maria be revealed and evicted? Or will they remain on the show participating as legitimate contestants?

The housemates began nominating those whom they suspect to be the wild cards among them. When all the BBNaija housemates had voted, the top votes for the wildcard guess went to Liquorose and JayPaul. None of the housemates guessed correctly, except WhiteMoney who names Pere as one of his guesses. He also happened to pick Liquorose. 

Below is how they voted;

Jackie B – Beatrice and Yerins

Sammie – Beatrice and Yerins

Beatrice- Yerins and Arin

Nini- Liquorose and Jaypaul

Whitemoney -Liqourose and Pere

Arin – Liqourose and Jaypaul

Jaypaul – Emmanuel and Beatrice

Cross – Jaypaul and Liquorose

Angel – Jaypaul and Liquorose

Niyi -Liqourose and Jaypual

Saskay – Liquorose and Yerins

Liquorose – Beatrice and Yerins

Yerins – Yousef and Princess

Saga – Liqourose and Jaypaul

Tega- Emmanuel and Saskay

Emmanuel – Jaypaul and Liquorose

Ebuka left the housemates in shock as he revealed the identities of the real wild cards being Pere and Maria. However, due to the Liquorose and JayPaul getting the highest number of votes, they would have specific nominations privileges this week that are yet to be revealed. As a result, also, Maria and Pere have not become full housemates by default but it remains to see how their relationships with other housemates fare from this point.

Speaking to Saga, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asked him how he felt about the revelation that took place owing to the fact that Saga unwittingly went to Maria and Pere to discuss about the wild cards not knowing they were the ones.

Responding to Ebuka, Saga noted that his first suspect was Pere, but the trust he had for Pere made him get rid of the whole idea. Saga added that Pere cajoled him into trusting him (Pere) so much which subsequently suppressed the initial instinct he had.

However, Saga disclosed that he still loves Pere and exhibited the spirit of sportsmanship as he admitted that it was just a game.

On the other hand, Whitemoney revealed that he knew Maria was a Wild Card. Speaking to Maria after Ebuka revealed her as the Wild card, Whitemoney assured her that he likes her and wants her to stay in the house.

According to him, this was the reason why he didn’t nominate her. Whitemoney said: “I knew Maria was the Wild card but I didn’t choose her because I like her and don’t want her to leave. “I don’t lie that’s the truth, put your mind at rest and play the game.”

When Liquorose was asked why the housemates nominated her and she said: “They voted me out because of Social media fan base before the house. I told them they were wrong but they didn’t realise that.”

However, the housemates questioned Maria about how she got into the house. Responding to the housemates in the garden, Maria said she was dressed up to be a real housemate before the organisers approached her to be a ‘Wild Card’because she appeared to them as the best option.

Maria said, “I accepted the offer because they chose me and said I fit from everything they gathered. They said they have studied me and I fit the role. They said there’s 95% chance that I would not fuck it up and who am I not to trust their judgement they’ve been running this show for a while now. So I accepted the offer and came on stage.”

Pere on the other hand said being a wild card was challenging and he had to be very manipulative to fit into the role 

He told Ebuka, “It was challenging, I had to be under the radar and be very manipulative. Get on a conversation with everybody and get in their head to know what they were thinking.”

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