BBNaija6: I am attracted to Maria – Whitemoney

WhiteMoney has revealed his attraction to Maria’s personality and character, but not her physique and physical features as a woman.

During a conversation with Boma, Whitemoney said that he is attracted to Maria’s personality because she is a smart leader. He also disclosed that of everyon in the house, the one person he can’t share a bed with is Maria because he is attracted to Maria’s personality, not Maria herself.

“The only person’s bed that I know that I can’t sleep on is Maria’s. I can’t sleep on Maria’s bed. We do talk but I can’t sleep on Maria’s bed. I can’t go there. I’m attracted to Maria’s personality, not Maria herself.

“I’m not attracted to Maria but I’m attracted to Maria’s personality. Maria is a smart leader”.

WhiteMoney said that Maria is the kind of woman he’d want to keep in his house to take care of and manage his assets because her personality is of one who can defend and protect his wealth, likewise give his children the right upbringing.

“That’s the kind of person I’d like to keep in my house to take care of my assets. You can fight what belongs to me. You will be able to protect my house. I’m an Igbo man. I’ll not marry a woman because she’s fine. I’ll marry someone that can defend my wealth, my property, and train my children,” Whitemoney said.

Boma, however, added that Angel is his favorite girl in the house because she doesn’t trouble him.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Ebuka, Queen revealed that she likes Whitemoney because he is a kind-hearted and caring person. Right from the onset, she has always demonstrated her likeness for Whitemoney by being supportive.

Although Whitemoney did not previously reciprocate her love, his recent action and comment suggest that he harbors affection for Queen.

Queen was worried that Whitemoney left the room to be with some guys at the lounge last night. During their discussion, Whitemoney commended Queen for coming all the way to look for him. Queen wanted to know if he feels the same way for her.

“What makes you think am not in love with you now?” Whitemoney asked Queen

He went on to explain to her that the only way she would know he cares about her is that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. He also made her to understand that there are certain things he does for her that he wouldn’t do for any other housemates.

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