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BBNaija6: Liquorose and Cross emerge as new week HOH and DHOH, other housemates up for possible eviction except for Emmanuel

The housemates took part in the final nomination show this week. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu first announced that the Ultimate Veto Power will come into play this week. So, instead of a nomination show, the Housemates played the Ultimate Veto Power Game.

The game was simply one of the points. Each housemate was expected to gather as many points as possible and the housemate with the most points would win the game. If there was a tie, a “sudden death” game would be played to determine a winner.

No Head Of House game was played this week and all Housemates were eligible to play the Ultimat Veto Power Game.

For the Ultimate Veto Power game, there was a tie between Emmanuel and Cross and they had to play the game of “Sudden Death”. 

After the game of “Sudden Death”, Biggie announced Emmanuel as the winner of the Ultimate Veto Power game. He scored a total of 470 points and is now guaranteed a place in the finale.

The winner of the Ultimate Veto Power Game was to be rewarded with: Immunity for this week (automatic ticket to final week) and the power to choose the Head of House for the week.

Emmanuel, having emerged as the winner of the Ultimate Veto Power game, was asked to select the Head of House and Deputy Head of House for this week who will also be immune from evictions, and must be of opposite genders. Emmanuel picked Liquorose as Head of House and Cross as Deputy Head of House, giving them exclusive access to the luxurious HOH lounge.

This means that Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross are now guaranteed a place in the finale and the rest of the housemates are all up for possible evictions this Sunday.

This will be the second time Liquorose will emerge as the Big Brother Naija Head of House.

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