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BBNaija6: Maria and Jackie B engage in a Heated Argument

Jackie B and Maria, on Friday, engaged in a heated argument over the latter calling Jackie a ‘hoe’.

It all started after Jackie started when Maria confronted Angel for gossiping about housemates at midnight. On hearing the confrontation, Jacki B laughed at Maria so Maria was forced to divert her attention to Jackie, whom she accused of also gossiping about her and complaining to everyone that she called her a hoe (which she actually did).

Maria, however, noted she apologized to Jackie B on the issue and doesn’t know why she was still angry about it. She also went on to call Jackie fake and insecure, the reason she doesn’t like her.

Maria said: “I apologised to you twice, you’re still making it an issue. You’re the insecure one, you’re fake. I don’t like you.” Jackie B, in response, warned Maria to stay away from her.

Both female housemates exchanged hurtful words at each other but were separated by the male housemates.

Explaining what happened in the BBNaija house, Jackie B told Big Brother that she did not intend to get Maria upset with her words. Jackie B told Biggie that she had only been speaking about Liquorose and Emmanuel. She called Emmanuel a flirt and said Liquorose could definitely do better. She said that he had also flirted with her before. 

In her words;”We finished talking about the Sammie issue. We moved to Liquor and Emmanuel, and I basically said that I feel like Liquor deserves someone that likes her because Emmanuel is a flirt. He flirts with me and every other girl, and it’s not a secret. And, I know that Liquor genuinely likes him, and he even told me that he sees her as a friends and only likes her personality. He was now trying to backtrack”.

When asked about her altercation with Maria, Jackie B told Biggie during her diary session that Maria has a loud mouth and talks ‘nonsense’ a lot. She also told Biggie that Maria is a bully; the reason she can’t stand her. With regards to the hurtful words Maria used on Jackie, Jackie said she does not think she’ll be able to forgive Maria, despite her apology.

“I’ll probably never forgive her, she apologized and till today I wouldn’t still let it go. I don’t have female friends because I don’t like drama. I feel like she’s a bully and I can’t stand bullies.

I’m a good judge of character and since the first day, I feel she has a loud mouth and talks a lot of nonsense. She runs her mouth and talks a lot of rubbish”, Jackie said.

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