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BBNaija6: “She has the worst, dirtiest, nastiest v*gina” – Peace, Maria and Nini gossip about Angel

Big Brother Naija housemates, Peace, Maria and Nini made Angel their topic for the night as they slut-shamed and talked dirty about Angel’s Personality.

Maria, Nini, and Peace found their way into the executive lounge, where they started out by gossiping about the male housemates before progressing to the female housemates, specifically Angel.

During the conversation, Peace said that she doesn’t like the way Angel treats housemate Sammie, adding that Angel always makes Sammie spend his “Abeg Naira” on her, which is the currency housemates live on while in the house.

“What she’s doing to Sammie is really f***ed. I swear to God, it’s really f***ed”, Peace said.

Next, they progressed into talking about Angel’s private part. They said that the housemate has the “worst, dirtiest, nastiest vagina.”

Their conversation has been trending on Twitter with some taking sides with Angel and others, the other housemates. Some criticized the other housemates for trying to bring down a fellow woman.

Reacting to the criticisms against Angel, Angel’s mother, Titi stated that it’s a shame that “so much hate” is coming from women against her 21-year-old daughter. She added that she will always be there for her daughter even when the whole world is against her. 

She wrote; 

Too much hate coming from women on a 21years old girl what a shame, to all the aunties hating how market nah cruise we dey cruise don’t take it too personal @theangeljbsmith even if the whole world is against you I promise to always stand by you”.

Angel’s father who is also her Instagram handler expressed his displeasure as well. He lamented about the series of slut-shaming words hauled at his daughter.

He wrote; “Slut-shaming Again ?? For how long are we going to keep addressing, educating and sensitizing on this same issue? There is nothing new under the sun and this is all we anticipated already but is this really how we want to normalize profiling ? We have been called a slut, ashawo, loose, dirty and all sorts because of how we choose to portray ourselves physically.

“Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are. Take off your blindfolds and see beyond the appearances. Train yourself to do better as an individual so others around you can tap into that energy. Keep your respectability politics to yourself. At the end of the day, Nothing can break our girl, ko por ke, we moveeee!”

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