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BBNaija6: Whitemoney, Yerins, Beatrice, Niyi & Yousef are up for Eviction

Big Brother gave the wildcards, Maria and Pere the chance to nominate the housemates they want up for eviction, and they nominated five of their fellow housemates; Whitemoney, Yerins, Beatrice, Niyi and Yousef.

After the Arena Games, also known as the Head of House challenge, Biggie asked Maria and Pere to nominate 4 each from their fellow BBNaija housemates for eviction. He gave them this privilege because they managed to keep their identity as wildcards hidden perfectly the previous week. Amid tears, Maria nominated Beatrice, Yerins, JayPaul, and WhiteMoney. Pere on his part had almost the same names on his list but nominated Niyi instead of JayPaul.

Hence, the total five nominated housemates were Beatrice, Yerins, Niyi, JayPaul, and WhiteMoney. Boma’s new position as HoH gave him veto power to save one housemate and replace him with another. He opted to save JayPaul and put up Yousef for nomination instead.

Jackie B told Boma that she was glad he saved Jaypaul because the latter had experienced two close shaves for possible eviction. She said, “I think you made a very good choice. I’m glad you saved him. It’s a lot. It’s not easy to go back to back on the chopping block. He couldn’t catch his breath. I’m really glad you saved him.”

He just kept looking at me. I just don’t want to look at his face. He was just like ‘My guy, thank you!’” Boma retorted.

Boma said though he isn’t so close to Yousef, he thinks Yousef would be strong enough to escape eviction on Sunday.

He also said, “Beatrice might be strong, she’s from Port Harcourt. She could be strong on the outside.”

On the other hand, WhiteMoney, who was the only housemate to guess at least one of the wildcards right has insisted that  Pere and Maria tried to downplay his smartness. 

Speaking to Cross and Liquorose, WhiteMoney said he had warned someone that they were plotting with the wildcard. He also said the day he found out, he actually told the house that, “the wildcard does not even warrant it” but they were not listening. WhiteMoney also told Maria to her face that he knew she was the BBNaija wildcard, even though it was Pere he picked. 

He told Maria, “You’re refusing to admit to the fact that I caught you”. To which, she responded, “Okay how? Even till yesterday, no one was sure of anybody. It was just your instincts or I think it’s her, I think it’s him. You were not sure of anyone”.

Maria also said that he had been giving her an attitude since he knew she was the wild card and mentioned that she didn’t want to bring up the truth about how he really got to know because that would lead to a straight up disqualification for the both of them.

So what could this mean? Could it mean that Maria told White Money about them being the wildcard? Remember that both Pere and Maria told Biggie that White Money could guess them right. Why would they both think that White Money knew about them? Could this be the real reason White Money didn’t tell the remaining housemates? Because this could lead to his disqualification as well.

Fans of Whitemoney have however expressed displeasure after Maria nominated their favourite for eviction even though Whitemoney was strongly suspicious of the status of Pere and Maria as wildcards but saved them from Sunday eviction by not influencing the other housemates to pick them for eviction.

Reacting to the nomination, @Ideline tweeted, “Maria nominating Whitemoney? Wrong choice! Truth is, it’s too early to nominate top contenders for eviction. If you do it now, you are getting them stronger. Only the weakest leave at this stage of the game”.

baddest_cash on Twitter said “WhiteMoney fans no care o, if Maria and Pere nominate am. Because he’s going nowhere on Sunday.”

@nobodybeme commenting on Whitemoney’s loyalty to the wildcards said, “Whitemoney, your only offence was being loyal to Maria and Pere. You figure they where the wildcards but you didn’t influence the housemates decisions to pick them. Man from today onwards all you need to do is cook, eat and cruise we got you till 90million.”

Also on Twitter, @Erlohim wrote, “I don’t understand it when people keep saying that ‘it’s a game’. Isn’t that the more reason Maria should have been calculative? How smart is it to nominate Whitemoney, same guy who claimed to have saved you from instant eviction? Where’s the logic in that?”

Expressing his disappointment in the nomination, @TrapboyMilly on Instagram said “Maria don disappoint me, fake girl.”

@DrOlufunmilayo on Twitter, however, dissented from popular opinion by hailing Maria for playing her cards right,”White Money is a strong contender. I personally think he will be top five. So he will be fine even if nominated. However Maria realising the guy is a strong contender and nominating him despite their closeness shows she’s a ruthless player with a clear head. I love her for that.”

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