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BBNaija7: Chichi Emerges as HOH & Supreme Veto Power Holder

Big Brother Naija housemate Chichi won this week’s Head of House challenge and emerged as the supreme veto power holder for the season.

Chichi’s Head of House win brings with it a guaranteed spot in this season’s finale, making it the most coveted HoH title yet. 

Chichi was crowned as the HOH for the week after a game of chance was played at the arena.

The game was called the “See-Saw Beams”, a game that mimicked the playground see-saw but with a twist. The beams were specially crafted with one end of each beam sporting a shallow container in the shape of the Big Brother eye, while the other side of the beam was bare with only a marked line.

Housemates were given five balls to transport, one at a time, by walking on the beam to the other side and dropping the ball in the shallow container. Housemates were to repeat this until all balls were transported successfully. As the game progressed the frustration came in bouts for Housemates who struggled with keeping the balls in the container because the beam would move when they walked on it, spilling their balls out in the process.

Chichi emerged victoriously, proving that she had good control of her balls.

As the new Head of House and Supreme Veto Power holder, Chichi was given the chance to listen to pitches from her counterparts as they vie for a spot in the finale. Housemates were given 90 seconds to plead to the Supreme Veto Holder for a chance to be whisked straight to the finale.

Groovy tells Chichi he wants her to pick him because he wants to share the stage with her. He tells her they share the same dream and that she has faced so many odds to be here and he’s happy for her.

Chizzy thanks Chichi for picking him to share the HOH Bedroom. He believes Chichi is a strong woman who will take her decision by herself and he hopes it’s him, knowing that there’s only one slot left. Chizzy is advising Chichi instead of pitching.

“If I didn’t win, Bella didn’t win, it should be you,” Sheggz tells Chichi. He tells her at least she knows he’s real and even when they fight, it’s on “real P”.

Hermes tells Chichi that she knows he looks out for her. He loves that she’s the life of the party and they are both lit. Essentially, he told her to select her so she can have a lit week.

“I’m truly happy for you,” Bryann tells Chichi. He says he feels like she should pick whoever is in her heart. Chichi wants him to try and convince her. Bryann does not know what to say to her. “I’m telling you to have an open mind,” he says.

“I’m proud of where you’ve gotten to and the woman that you’ve become. We didn’t particularly start off as friends, but I can confidently say we are working towards being friends,” says Adekunle to Chichi. He kindly asks her to consider him for the finale.

“I know you’re not going to pick me and it’s not a big deal. I feel about you a particular way and I still feel that way,” Rachel tells Chichi. They are discussing the fact that they’ve not been on good terms.

Phyna enters the room and starts hyping Chichi. “I’m selling myself… I say the streets made a Queen!” “Pick me and save me!”

Bella is short of words. “I’d love to get to the finals. I’ll be shocked and surprised if you pick me. We’re not best friends. That’s it.” They both burst into laughter.

“I know you’re in a tight spot. Please, save me! I came to this house not believing in myself, but here I am. You’re one of the people that encouraged me that I’ll make it to the top when we merged. Please help me get there,” Daniella to Chichi.

With her supreme veto power, Chichi saved Daniella and Phyna.

Social media was set agog with the news as many expressed shock and displeasure with Chichi and Daniella making the top post.

One Spicy Esse wrote, “Chai Daniella scaled through just like that”.

Rhowza wrote, “Na so top 5 scatter”.

Dreal Goodness wrote, “Like play like play Daniella entered final…woow”.

Kexx wrote, “I no understand the kind juju way Daniel and Chichi carry some BBN house”.

Faith Makama wrote, “Daniella is the frodd for this season”.

Chioma Nelly Adindu wrote, “Why did she pick Daniella for crying out loud?”

Thrift store wrote, “Who would have thought, Daniella & Chichi will make it to the finals. So happy for them”.

Lore pearll wrote, “Watin Daniella dey do for finals Omo”.

It’s Gabbyt wrote, “Mtchewww…how Daniella take enter finals. Someone that nominated you twice!”

Uche Chimelody wrote, “This is grace”.

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