#BBNaijaReunion: Ka3na Reveals Why She Unfollowed All the Housemates

The ongoing BBnaija Reunion has brought to light, so many hidden truth we never knew existed in the house.

Recall that after the Lockdown show, Ka3na unfollowed all her fellow housemates on social media, without reasons to back up her action. This brought about so many assumptions from the housemates. Tbaj said that she felt the reason Ka3na unfollowed her fellow BBNaija housemates is because they went to Nengi’s party

Praise on the other hand, said Ka3na likes inherited enemies, which is why she expects her friends to automatically stay away from her enemies more like “A Friend of my enemy is my enemy”.

Wathoni on her part said Ka3na had an issues with people not liking or commenting on her posts, which was what Laycon was guilty of. Ka3na alleged that Laycon refused to help her when his fanbase was saying bad things to her;

“Everyone knows I call Laycon son son, and we didn’t have any problem in the house. I’ll be cooking, he was that one person, and Neo. They’ll always come to chop onions, carrots for me. They’ll always do that, and I’ll call him son son. He always calls me mum. And then, he came out as the winner, and I’m commenting son son. This guy never liked the comment or dropped an emoji or anything”, Ka3na had earlier complained.

Following the Reunion show, Ka3na finally fed everyone’s curiosity by opening up on why she unfollowed all the housemates. Ka3na said that she felt she did not bond enough with her fellow housemates during the BBNaija show. That’s why she took the decision to unfollow everyone shortly after the show ended. However, she also said that it was different for Lucy and she felt hurt by how Lucy treated her. In her words;

“I left with all the comments that were going on in the house, how they felt about me. I just felt there was no need if they felt this way about me. Let me just focus on myself, my business and just let it go. Not that I have a personal reason why I unfollowed them, I just figured we didn’t bond and they just saw me in that light. For Lucy, it was more than friendship for me. I don’t want to get emotional. I liked her”.

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