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#BBNaijaReunion: Prince Regrets Relationship With TBaj, Admits He Messed up With Dorathy

Former BBNaija housemate has revealed on the Reunion show that he messed up with Dorathy and he regrets having a relationship with Tolanibaj.

The latest episode of the BBNaija Reunion show had the discussion centered around the love traingle between Prince, Dorathy and TBaj. 

Prince said he felt he was cool with Dorathy until he woke up one day and she had blocked him on all platforms. He tried every means to reach her even with his brother’s phone but she blocked that one too. Prince admitted he screwed up and was just trying to apologize to her.

On the other hand, he said he regrets having anything with Tolanibaj. According to him, his relationship with Tolanibaj caused him and his family a lot of insults and troubles. He further revealed that his team didn’t want him to have anything to do with Tolanibaj after the show.

“I and Tbaj had sex once but that was outside the house. She has caused me so much trouble and insulted my family members. The only regret I have was having anything with her,” Prince revealed.

Tbaj on her part claimed that Prince was clout-chasing with their relationship, that’s why it was never destined to work. She explained that he was chasing clout because he wanted to reach 1m followers. According to her, Prince even bought followers but he’s still stuck at 929k. To this, Prince replies, “I’ve never bought social media followers. I don’t care about social media.” TBaj also revealed that she saw Prince and Lilo kissing at the back of the bus in the last Saturday Night Party. Prince said he did not want to do it, but Lilo was drunk and she initiated it.

Dorathy on her own said she felt Prince was manipulative and was not totally sincere with her on his situation with TBaj. She explained that Prince was her friend in the house and she expected he would kick off with TBaj as soon as they left the house. Prince started getting evasive when she tried asking for the status of things between them. She concluded by saying that was the reason why she blocked Prince. TBaj is also not obviously on her friend’s list because she stated that she hates how her fans engage in Twitter wars.

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