BBNaija’s Mike Blasted For Acting Like a Star

Big Brother Naija 2019 first runner up Mike Edwards has been blasted and wholly criticized for letting his
assistant hold an umbrella over his head during a shoot.

Mike Edwards is a high-jump athlete and entrepreneur. He runs his male grooming and Cigar company,
Aireys, the first black-owned cigar line in the United Kingdom.

He recently posted some pictures on Instagram, showing his assistant with an umbrella over his head,
with the caption, “I want a long life, a legendary one”, with a crown emoji.

This has triggered so many negative reactions as people think he’s too proud to hold his own umbrella.
One of the comments read:

“This clearly shows you look down on poor people, is that umbrella heavy for you”…

Commenters went as far as stating that they were disappointed in his action, considering he grew up
abroad, some unique exception was expected.

Others said his act depicts enslaving his own brother.

“This is you enslaving your own brother. Why can’t you hold your own umbrella” the comment reads.

Although, people have it that this might be a simple shoot and Nigerians decided to make a big deal out
of it.

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