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BBTitans: Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr Emerge Head Of House For Week 3

The Big Brother Titans had their usual Head of House games, which saw Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr (Kaniva) emerge as winners.

The game of the week was in two rounds and the first round involved the housemates and their pairs throwing eggs at each other and making sure to catch them without them falling or breaking or they would be disqualified. 

After playing the game, Jaypee and Lukay’s pair, JayKay, as well as Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva’s pair, Kaniva, qualified for the second round.

For the second round of the HOH game, the housemate pairs were told to carry each sweet from the opposite ends with their mouths from one point to the other without it breaking apart. 

After the challenge, Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr was declared winner of the contest by Big Brother after disqualifying Jaypee & Lukay (Jaykay) who had violated the rules of the game.

With their emergence as the week’s Head of House, they are immune to nominations and evictions this week.

After the Head of House games, here’s how the housemates nominated each other for eviction:

Kaniva with their veto power saved Yelisa and replaced them with MaYa.

YeLisa- JayKay and BlaqLeng

JayKay- JenniLi and ThabaNa

Royals -KhosiCle and ThabaNa

KhosiCle -Royals and BlaqLeng

JuVonne – KhosiCle and BlaqLeng

JenniLi -YeLisa and KhosiCle

JuOvla -BlaqLeng and ThabaNa

BlaqLeng -KhosiCle and JuVonne

MaYa -ThabaNa and BlaqLeng

ThabaNa -JayKay and YeLisa

KanAiva -JayKay and KhosiCle

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