BBTitians: How the housemates nominated each other for eviction

A day after the premiere of the season, Biggie ushered the 20 housemates into the arena for the Head of House games that would determine the leader of the house for the first week of the reality show.

Mmeli amassed the highest win and was crowned Head of House immediately.

After the games, the housemates had their first nominations process which signaled the beginning of the game. 

Biggie announced that all housemates except the HoH are up for eviction on Sunday and the housemates were told to nominate two housemates each.

Here is how the 20 housemates were nominated.

1 Ipeleng- Jennie O and Olivia

2 Blaqboi -Yemi Cregx and Yaya

3 Yaya- Nana and Blaqboi

4 Ebubu- Justin and Nana

5 Marvin- Justin and Khosi

6 Nelisa- Khosi and Nana

7 Yemi- Olivia and Nana

8 Khosi- Jaypee and Jennie O

9 Kanaga Jnr- Lukay and Olivia

10 Tsatsii- Nana and Lukay

11 Justin- Nelisa and Nana

12 Olivia- Yemi and Khosi

13 Jaypee- Yemi and Khosi

14 Thabang – Justin and Nana

15 Yyvonne- Marvin and Tasti

16 Lukay- Justin and Olivia

17 Nana- Yemi and Jaypee

18 Juicy J- Justin and Nana

19 Jennie O – Thasti and Khosi

20 Mmeli- Nana and Blaqboi.

Here’s a gentle reminder to pick up your PVC if you haven’t. And make sure to vote on Election Day. Your vote counts.

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