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Before And After – American Singer The Weekend Reveals The Monster In Him.

The weekend face transformation is still a shock to many as fans have been asking loads of questions is he had facial reconstructive surgery.

You’ll recall that during the 2020 AMA Awards, the weekend showed up on stage with his nose bandaged while receiving his awards.

And also, during his performance at the gloomy cathedral, just that, his face and cheek got bigger and swollen like he had undergone a total facial implant.

Little wonder that the singer was working on the visuals for his song “save your tears.” Which answers the most question asked if he had facial surgery?

Well, the weekend was reported to have undergone prosthetics just for the time being. Still, the question is, will he undergo another surgery to put his face back in place?

Of a truth, no one knew why The Weekend was moving about with bandages on his face, but upon releasing his music video “Save Your Tears.” With the lines in the song, one would understand why he did what he did.

The lyrics read: “But then you saw me, caught you by surprise.”

Guess he got the reactions he was expecting from his fans as they took to his comment section to react to the video. A fan posted:

“Why does The Weeknd look like that in the Save Your Tears music video!?! I don’t like it,” said one horrified fan, while another borrowed lyrics from his 2018 hit “Can’t Feel My Face” to pinpoint a downside to the prosthetics, saying, “I bet he really can’t feel his face now.”

Well, what do you guys think about The Weekend’s new look?

watch video below:

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