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Bestie Saga: Actor Benedict Johnson comes at Uche Elendu for labelling him ‘Woman Wrapper’

It looks like Timini Egbuson and Dorcas Fapson has set a ‘Bestie Trend” as different celebrities pop up with either their bestie experience or an opinion regarding male and female ‘bestieship’.

One of the celebrities who took an interest in this Saga, is Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu. As reported by Empire, Elendu countered Shyngle’s opinion that a male and female cannot stay best friends without having an intimate affair with each other.

Looks like the actress went to an extreme by disclosing her experiences with her former bestie. Elendu said she had an emulating bestieship with a guy until his girlfriend ruined everything after making false accusations against her and her so called bestie could not take her side because he is a ‘woman wrapper’

Although Elendu did not disclose the name of her bestie, actor Benedict Johnson’s response and reaction to the trending Saga made us realize that he is the one she was referring to.

In response to Elendu’s earlier post, it didn’t take long before Benedict released a viral video on Instagram, claiming to be Uche Elendu’s former bestie and warning her to stay off his back else he exposes her dirty past.

The drama seems to be getting hotter as Elendu could not take Benedict’s warning video likely. She said that Benedict Johnson was never her bestie therefore he should concentrate on his wife and family and respect his masculinity because she never mentioned his name neither was her earlier post referred to him.

Although we’re in a somewhat state of confusion at the moment because Elendu’s recent post seems to contradict her earlier post where she referred to her bestie as a man. Now her recent post says she was referring to her bestie’s girlfriends. Something is just not adding up, nonetheless, the duo have read the clear messages to stay off each other’s back.

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