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Big Brother Naija Eviction Process Is Scam Nigerians Reacts

This year Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show have been trending as it started off in quite a friendly way between the 20 housemates, as they all took their time in the first week to relate with each other and themselves better.

One would have thought they will all get to the end of the show without anyone being evicted, but obviously that can never be possible, as the second week of the show which also happens to be the week the first eviction will take place was toxic for most of the housemates.


Well the awaited eviction came to reality as the safety of two housemates will depend on the rest of the house mates if they are to stay on the show or not. This year eviction pattern gives no room for the safety of any of the house, especially the least four to be voted, as either of them can be sent home by the other housemates despite having the highest votes among the least four.

You’ll recall that, the usual eviction pattern has always been the two housemates with the least votes gets to go home during the Sunday live eviction show. But this year, all housemates gets to be up for eviction except the head of house and its deputy.

On the other hand, looks like the eviction pattern this year will not be favorable to lots of the housemates despite their votes, and this have created lots of buzz on social media as fans are beginning to react towards the eviction style.

The bbnaija lockdowngang first eviction show that took place on Sunday the 2nd of august 2020. Most people think the new eviction pattern is wrong as the last four housemates on the chat will determine their fate as it depends on the saved housemates to decide who among the four will go home and who will stay.

Most people are of the opinion that the old pattern of eviction should be brought back as their time and money spent to vote their favorite housemate is not a criteria if he or she will be safe. This is as a result of Lilo being evicted from the show, though she had the highest score among the last four, but her stay in the house was determine by the rest housemates.

 Ka3na was the first housemate to be evicted from big brother house, as she had the least vote of 1.28 percent followed by Lilo with 1.52 percent, but that didn’t determine Lilo’s stay as most of the housemates wanted her to leave the house.

The question now is;

Do you think biggie should go back to his old style of eviction as the viewers gets to choose who is to stay or leave or the eviction style should remain the way it is, where the housemates gets to choose who leaves among the last four.

Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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