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Big Brother Star Nina Faked her Traditional Marriage With her Baby Daddy, Tony

Big Brother Naija season 3 former housemate, Nina Ivy has got her dirty linens out in the public after she supposedly got remarried to an African American, Chris Miller.

It would be recalled that Nina held her traditional wedding in 2020 to a Nigerian man named Anthony Anokiefo. She then relocated to the US and welcomed a son with her husband. It was later reported that the marriage hit the rocks. 

It turns out that the supposed traditional marriage was all a sham and Nina merely put it up because she doesn’t want to be tagged a baby mama.

According to SDK Sources, The marriage to Mr Anthony Anokiefo in 2020 did not hold but was just an introduction ceremony she arranged to escape being labelled a baby mama and being attacked Online by Nigerian Netizens.

Sources say that was why the groom was not present at the fake wedding.

 Nina and Tony who were introduced by friends for business allegedly did not plan on making a baby together but it happened and they say Nina refused to get rid of the baby and hatched a plot to rid herself of the baby mama tag.

According to the source, back then all who knew of the fake wedding were sworn to secrecy but that now is a good time to talk being that she’s already married to another man.

See some reactions below:

Miss Ess: “Interesting…….but she was not pregnant during her traditional marriage na”.

Bianca Bruno: “She was pregnant. At least 5 months pregnant. She covered her stomach with her hand fan in all her pictures. And the tailor tried in the trad outfit. It was specially designed to hide the bump as well. But nothing wrong in being a baby mama though. I’m not one but I never fault anyone who is.

Life happens to everybody.

Happy for her, she has japaed”.

Anonymous: “She was pregnant then and the pictures she took, She was alone and saying she doesn’t want to show the face of her husband. Later it was said the husband wasn’t present . I smelled some deception in the switch of stories”.

Mao Akuh: If you know that you don’t like being tagged a “baby mama” why do you get pregnant?

This is Naija not Amurika, we have culture no matter how we import civilisation into this region, we can’t be like “ndi ocha.

Nine carry your cross and move”.

Slim Shaddy: “Na wa o. So who did she move over to the abroad with? Has she not been living with him over there”.

Fabulous Momma and Wify: “Mtcheeeew…. Nina is not dumb afterall

And this is to show celeb can have a private life and only divulge what they want out there”.

BEDS AND ROSES: “So shes been in the US without papers for how many years now? She and Tony never married??….When ppl want to remarry they start lookn for all sorts of loop-holes to make d previous one viod. Okkk”.

KrytiQ Ambi:” How Nina of yesterday metamorphosed into a lil baddass needs to be studied and memorized.”

Nedi Glamour: “Big lie , I don’t believe this shit,a lot of people marry and have their friends or siblings stand in for them when they can’t make it back home,her marriage to Tony didn’t work out and she remarried, that’s okay”.

TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES:” Nina you did not try if the story above is true, why fake traditional wedding to avoid the baby mama tag,

Where are those people praising her that she is enjoying her marriage, that she is happily married even after fucking on national tv”.

Ms Tee: “They all live a fake life just for people’s validation.”

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