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Billboard Crowns Cardi-B Woman Of The Year 2020.

American rapper Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar famously known as Cardi-B has just been crown billboard 2020 woman of the year. not just billboard woman of the year, but she also covered the billboard magazine 2020 edition.

Billboard revealed the rapper as their woman of the year yesterday December 2nd on their social medial platform. They wrote:

“Billboard Woman of the Year #CardiB: “I like justice, but I also like popping my p*ssy.”

The billboard magazine went on to give more reason why they choose Cardi-b as their woman of the year, saying she has been rising her fellow women in the music industry.

“Whether mobilizing voters, raising up fellow women artists, or praising the power of #WAP, her unapologetic voice resonated far and wide in 2020 when the world needed it most. #CardiB is Billboard’s 2020 Woman of the Year ?⁠”

In an interview with Billboard magazine, when asked if she is a role model, Cardi-b went on to say that she knows she is a role model because there are lots of women just like her, stating that she knows that she is a b***h, but she worked her a** off its not because luck fell on her thighs.

“Am I a role model? I know I’m a role model because I know there’s a lot of women like me. At the end of the day, I know I know I’m a bitch that made it through because I work my ass off, not because luck fell on my thighs.” –#CardiB, Woman of the Year”

She continued “I’m making sure I’m not selling myself short. I’m making sure people are reviewing sh*t right. It’s a lot of games that I have learned. Slowly but surely, I know I’m gonna get better. I know the value I bring to a company, and that’s one thing artists have to understand. I feel like in 2021 I’m gonna come up really strong.” –Woman of the Year #CardiB on making deals and navigating the business. ✔️”

“I want to show people that you can do positive things, but you can also be yourself. I like justice. I like to work and be creative. But I also like popping my p*ssy.” -Woman of the Year #CardiB on being herself ?”

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