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“Bobrisky and Mompha were dating”-Bobrisky’s former PA, Oye, spills his dirty Secrets

Bobrisky’s former P.A, Oye Kyme has gone on a spilling spree as she alleged that Bobrisky and business mogul, Mompha were dating, amongst many other secrets.

Oye, who is from Ivory Coast, was invited to Nigeria to become Bobrisky’s personal assistant after she tattooed a photo of the crossdresser on her body.

The relationship however turned sour and messy, Oye even accused Bob of making her life miserable and battering her at the slightest provocation. 

In the latest development, the former P.A engaged in a question and answer session with her Instagram followers where she told them to ask her anything so they could vibe.

During the Q & A, Oye made a number of allegations but what struck Instagram users the most is her claim that Bureau De Change (BDC) operator Mompha dated Bobrisky. 

The session started out with a question from a follower, “Is it true Bob is dating Mompha?” And Oye replied in the affirmative, saying “They were dating before, it came from his own mouth, they were dating”(sic), accompanied by an accuracy emoji.

Another asked if Bobrisky has a girlfriend and Oye narrated, “He has a boyfriend, his boyfriend came one day at the hotel room when we were in Radisson blue and he asked me to go to the reception that he has to receive a friend so I left the room at 7:00 in the night. He called me to come and sleep back at 23:50 almost midnight.

I was red to pee so I went to the toilet, I saw a condom full of sperm. I was so curious because I couldn’t imagine that a man f*ck his ass. He told me that it’s for Tosin his friend, but that same Tosin didn’t sleep at the Radisson blue hotel that night”.

Oye also revealed that Bobrisky used to be in love with one of his male best friends who has two kids but unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual because his best friend is not attracted to men.

The transvestite’s former P.A also revealed that Bobrisky is naturally bald, hence the reason he wears his wigs from his ‘front head’, and that Bob sleeps with his makeup on till morning.

Responding to a follower who asked why she can’t get over Bob, she rudely responded, “I Am over him already am just answering questions. If it’s paining you just log out”.

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