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Bobrisky appeals sentence offers to pay ₦50k fine for each charge

Nigerian transvestite, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky who is currently serving time on a six-count charge ranging from Abuse of the Naira and Money laundering, has his legal representative appeal to the court to replace the crossdresser’s verdict with a penalty of a ₦50,000 fine for each charge.

Bobrisky lodged a notice of appeal on Monday, challenging the six-month maximum sentence issued by a Federal High Court in Lagos.

On April 12, Justice Awogboro sentenced Okuneye to six months in jail without the possibility of a fine, on four counts related to naira abuse. Justice A.O. Awogboro emphasized that the ruling should discourage others from misusing and defacing the naira.

Nonetheless, Okuneye’s attorney, Bimbo Kusanu, lodged a notice of appeal, urging the Court of Appeal to nullify the maximum sentence.

Kusanu requests the court to replace the sentence with an option of a ₦50,000 fine for each charge.

In the appeal notification, the attorney argues that the trial court imposed the harshest sentence on Bobrisky, who had no prior criminal convictions.

Kusanu points out that under the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA), there is alternatives for a lesser sentence.

He contends that the sentence against Okuneye by the trial court was overly punitive and contrary to the mandatory provisions of the ACJA.

The appellant’s counsel asserts that the trial court overlooked Okuneye’s positive background and swift cooperation during legal proceedings, such as promptly pleading guilty to the charge and responding promptly to the EFCC‘s summons.

Kusanu argues that the trial court did not exercise its judicial discretion appropriately while sentencing Okuneye, resulting in a miscarriage of justice against the appellant.

Despite his legal troubles, Bobrisky appears to have exhibited a compassionate side by reportedly donating plastic chairs to enhance the facilities at the NCoS Kirikiri prison.

After barely 12 days in prison and a week in Kirikiri, a video of a bunch of chairs arriving at the Nigerian correctional facility labelled with Bobrisky’s name emerged online. 

According to the report making the rounds about Bob’s donation, the chairs are meant for the prison’s visiting area. 

Netizens React…

Ebisikejr said: “He has a kind heart. God sent him there”.

Dr Promise alleged: “They’re about to release shim on good behavior. That’s the reason for this thoughtful PR”.

Graduate stated: “That’s won’t make them to pardon him/her ( bobrisky)”.

Diji O said: “He’ll most likely be out between a month or 6 weeks on good behavior.”

GHOST said: “Werey no see chair for her BBL she sharply donate”.

Inzaghi wrote: “This guy no dey prison on God”.

@OsebiFy: “Wait o. It seems it is enjoyment they enjoy in kirikiri o. Who is thinking what I am thinking.” 

@EbukaNw82866148: “Bobrisky For President at Nigeria Correctional Service outlet in Kirirkiri. He’ll do so well as their Presido.” 

By Ezinne Okorie.

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