Bobrisky Blast Other Cross Dressers, Says She’s Still Leading Number One.

Since Nigeria crossdresser Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly known as Bobrisky came out openly to let everyone know that he is gay, lots of other persons have also come out openly to express themselves, showing their interest in the same-sex relationship.

Bobrisky who may have seemed to be the one who opened the door for others to come out openly has gotten himself in big trouble on several occasions, as Nigeria do not support same-sex marriage or relationship.

It was so bad that bob would have to deny that he is not interested in being a girl, that it was all for a show, which at the end of the day, he still pays his way through out of the mess he’s brought himself in.

Well, with the rate at which many crossdressers are beginning to show up on social media, some may have seen Bobrisky as a threat, some may have seen him be old school as his time is out and it’s their time to rule now.

Well, bob has a message for all of them as it has come to his notice that most crossdressers are seeing him as a competition and want to take over as his time is over.

Sharing a picture of himself all dressed up, as usual, bob passed a message to his competitors, addressing himself as mama saying she is not leaving the throne anytime soon, as being on the throne takes lots of hard work and if they want to beat him to it, they need to work extremely harder.

“No one sits on her throne. All dis upcoming wanna be Bobrisky be ready to work extremely hard to sit on dis throne cos ur mama ain’t leaving anytime soon. Still leading as no ONE in Africa”

“Goddess!!!!! All those upcoming Bobrisky una go do night vigil tire to sit on my throne. Ur mama still leads across Africa and is known worldwide !!!!”

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