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Bobrisky Claps Back at Solomon Buchi for Defending James Brown calls him a beggar

Bobrisky has refused to take the back seat after Solomon Buchi attacked him on Twitter for incessantly trolling his fellow crossdresser, James Brown.

Bob had incessantly trolled James on social media as he relocated to the UK for his studies. In reaction to this, Buchi came at Bob, and defended James, stating that Bob is pained because he is on his way to sustainable relevance. 

Buchi accused Bobrisky of not having class and wisdom and also accused him of trying to control everything around him with money.

In an unsurprising move, Bob shared a series of screenshots of chats he had with Buchi in the past. Bobrisky revealed that he once employed Buchi. He described the writer as a rat and beggar and revealed that he left him because he saw that he was two-faced.

“I heard dis rat called Buchi called for me, well I promise not to reply dis year or have any issue with no one but I wonder how some idiot forget they were once beggar. Buchi remember have once employed ur stupid self, I noticed you were two face that was y I stopped responding to you. Well I’m not in ur level and I will never be. Done”, bob fired back.

In a different caption, Bob wrote; “Someone you employ and pay to write ur captions for you wanna talk too. I still remain d boss my darling… In as much as you have once earned monthly salary from me shut ur dirty mouth up broke idiot !!!!!!!!!!! Two face fools everywhere.” 

See the shared screenshots below

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