Bobrisky declares himself the ‘richest girl’ in Nigeria

Nigerian crossdresser and brand influencer, Bobrisky, has declared himself the richest girl in Nigeria, being that when it comes to his wealth, no female precedes him.

The male Barbie made this declaration via Instagram. He ranked from his hairs, gold jewelry, cars, Ambassadorial deals are incomparable and top-notch.

In his words, “No girl in this country is richer than Bobrisky, Never!!!Let’s start from hair, only my hairs alone worth over 100million. You all know I buy hairs like water. I don’t repeat hair naaa.

Let’s talk about my jewelry pure GOLD. Let’s go to my cars top notch machines. Now let’s go to how much I charge for ambassadors and deals. Each brand I charge 10million for 6months deal ask all the brand I’m working how much they pay me”, Bobrisky bragged.

Bob had earlier pulled a stunt online, revealing that he wants to spoil someone’s son with a list comprising of presidential Rolex, designer shoes and wears and first-class tickets abroad. On the condition that the aspirant will be fine and dark-skinned with cute beards, and the ability to maintain a private relationship.

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