Bobrisky denies Assault Allegations

Bobrisky has denied maltreating and assaulting Kyme Oye, the Ivorian lady he took in after she drew a tattoo of his name on her body. 

Recall that an Ivorian lady identified as Kyme Oye showed off her battered face in a video while making assault claims against Bobrisky. 

Reacting to the allegations, Bobrisky addressed the assault claims in a video he shared on his Instagram page last night. In the video, the cross-dresser narrated how Oye started living with him, accused her of saying vile things about him before their relationship turned sour. He alleged that the Ivorian lady asked him to make her his Personal Assistant but was too lazy to deliver on the job. 

He also confirmed that their fight centered around his hairstylist and all he did was shout at the Ivorian, Instead of hitting her as she claimed. 

Bobrisky feigned ignorance of where the blood on Oye’s face came from, he further dared her to show the scar or injury that led to the bleeding.

Watch the video below for more details:

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