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Bobrisky Threatens To Arrest Comedian Zfancy for Pranking and Posting Unedited Videos of Him

A video of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky being pranked, recently went viral for obviously negative reasons. The video showed prankster, Zfancy pulling a stunt on Bobrisky in public after he bumped into the crossdresser at an event, but little did Bobrisky know that it was all a prank.

Zfancy is in the habit of pulling rather extreme unexpected pranks on his victims and this time, Bobrisky happened to be on his slate. 

In the viral video, the prankster approached Bobrisky in the most polite way and ended up causing a commotion by accusing him of collecting his money. Bobrisky, forgetting that he is a “Woman”, took off his high heels and retaliated.

The video also highlighted the acne that has dominated his face and his full beard showing, despite the thick makeup to cover up the potholes.

The video sparked reactions online, with Netizens accusing the crossdresser of losing his cool despite parading himself as one of Nigeria’s top females. Other social media users were shocked that Bobrisky could not recognize it was Zfancy and mocked him for making the man in him very obvious.

Bobrisky picked offense in the midst of all this, not only because he was pranked and the video shared online without his consent, but because the videos were unedited and his true acnes and blemishes were revealed. 

Unable to contain his anger, Bobrisky threatened fire and brimstone on the prankster. He urged Zfancy to take down those videos of him, else he’d get him arrested. He also beckoned on his fans to report any page that uploads the video.

“@zfancytv pls take down my video off all ur platform ASAP else I will get you arrested. You didn’t get my permission before you sent out my video”, Bobrisky threatened.

Empire earlier reported that comedian Zfancy was recently arrested by Military Officers after he reportedly pulled one of his pranks on a passerby who immediately alerted the attention of the authorities.

An eyewitness shared a video showing the moment the officers arrived at the scene where the comedian was shooting his supposedly new skit. The officers brought the shoot to an end and refused to let him go even after people in the community tried interceding on his behalf. The Military Officers finally whisked him off in their van, to be released at a later date.

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