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Bobrisky vows to deal with Tonto Dikeh for paying his former P. A to tarnish his image

Bobrisky has refused to let the sleeping dog lie, as he continues to rant on social media, finally dragging his former bestie, Tonto Dikeh over claims that Tonto paid his former P.A, Oye Kyme to expose and blast him on social media.

Oye Kyme recently went on a spilling spree, revealing that Bobrisky dated business mogul, Mompha, amongst many other unprintable accusations. Bob has named Tonto Dikeh to be responsible for this outburst, with claims that when they were friends, she was in the habit of paying people to defame others. He said he’s positive that she’s the one behind Oye Kyme badmouthing him on Instagram.

During an interview with Daddy Freeze, Bobrisky vowed to deal with Tonto Dikeh for tarnishing his image.

“Let me tell you, Daddy Freeze. There is somebody sponsoring Oye. There’s somebody I know that is sponsoring Oye. And that’s how she used to do. When I was her friend, this is what she do to other people. See I know all these things.

Why e be say na now Oye dey answer questions. Oye no answer questions since last month o. Why e be say na when this matter dey now, Oye come dey answer question.

I know who is sponsoring it and that is why I am coming for her. I cannot come for Oye cause Oye is like a slave, a house girl that was opportuned to meet me”, Bob lamented.

The transvestite had earlier alleged that Tonto instructed him to bully her ex-husband’s wife, Rosy Meurer on social media and he carried out the task because he wanted to be loyal to a friend despite having nothing against Rosy. 

Meanwhile, in a previous post, Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu came to Tonto Dikeh’s defence in her face-off with Bobrisky.

Uche Maduagwu condemned Bobrisky for being ungrateful to Tonto who made him who he is today. The actor wadded into their controversy with a word-like image post on his verified Instagram page that reads:

“Tonto Dikeh never asked you to do wahala with Rosy you did all that to chase clout and to impress her when she started avoiding you when her pastor told her your lifestyle dey draw her back spiritually.” 

He followed it up with a caption that stated that Tonto accepted Bobrisky when other celebrities deserted him: “More than 10 powerful pastors told Tonto Dikeh not to associate with you but because of her KINDNESS, mama king made you what you are today, so is this the best thank you? Chukwu Emeka Bob.” 

Asking if Bobrisky was a monitoring spirit rather than a loyal friend, Maduagwu claimed he told Tonto to distance herself from the cross-dresser because Tonto doesn’t need nightmares especially “seeing him- Bobrisky without Snapchat filters”. 

“Even if all the better meat for pot dey talk, should pomo show face? Just got off the phone with my angel now, honestly, Bobrisky need more prayers than Buhari, I begged Tonto Dikeh to distance herself from you, because your I dey look for my original gender rada rada dey draw her back spiritually, and more so, King do not need any nightmares especially when he see you without your I better PASS my neighbor Snapchat filter, Egun festival part one. I #laugh in Adire clothe when dem say dem loyal for #good four years, is that loyalty or demonic.”

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