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Bobrisky’s Ex-P.A secretly apologize to Mompha over allegations of dating Bobrisky

Still, on the Bobrisky and Mompha brouhaha, Oye Kyme has secretly apologized to the business mogul, Mompha for publicly exposing his ordeal with Bobrisky.

Mompha wasted no time in sharing screenshots of his conversation with Kyme, who claimed she only spoke up because she heard it.

“I am really sorry for what happened today, sorry for the way i exposed it but truly, if i didn’t hear it, i won’t say it”, Oye apologized.

“After you have disgraced me and you forget that I have a family. I will only forgive you when you apologize online because I don’t understand why you will do such a thing. 

If you hear anything about me, why don’t you DM me privately and tell me?You think saying false news is the best. Am a real trouble maker if you don’t know who Mompha is”, he responded.

Not giving up, Oye continued, explaining that she didn’t know but she was only answering questions from the session hence she’d want to move on and forget this day ever happened. But Mompha insisted that for this to end, she has to go online and apologize.

Just when we thought Oye was seeking peace, she made a different post, claiming that she didn’t apologize because she was scared but because he’s a family man and old enough to be her father.

Oye wrote, “I didn’t apologize because I was scared, First I didn’t mention him, I only answered a question and I said what I heard. It’s not my fault but I’m apologizing to him because he has a family and he’s old enough to be a father to me”.

Mompha had threatened to take legal actions against Oye over her “false allegations” against him, accompanied by a N200 million compensation fee for defamation of character.

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