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Bobrisky’s former PA, Oye Kyme, opens up on being bisexual, Reveals she was sexually attracted to Bobrisky

In a bid to stay relevant, Bobrisky’s former PA, Oye Kyme, recently opened up on being bisexual, as she also revealed being sexually attracted to her former boss, Bobrisky, while she was working for him.

In an Instagram post, Oye Kyme pondered on the possibility of being a lesbian because according to her, she finds ladies attractive and wouldn’t mind kissing or dating a lady. She also opined that she thinks women are more loyal than men.

Not stopping there, she disclosed how she found Bobrisky attractive each time he dressed up as a woman.

In a series of posts she shared, Oye Kyme wrote,

“I think am bisexual because I find girls really attractive. I love girls.

I don’t mind dating a girl and I don’t care about what people will think. I think kissing a girl is very sexy and I think girls are more loyal than men.

Truth to say when I was Bob PA every time his done dressing like a woman I was really attracted to how beautiful she look but after when I think is a man I just change the way I look at him.”

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