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Brandy And Rihanna Go Head To Head In Recent Album Release: Whose Would You Rather Listen To? Brandy B7 Or Rihanna R9?

Born into a musical family, Brandy Rayana Norwood simply known as Brandy started off her career as a backup vocalist for teen groups, she later pushed forward in her musical career as she got signed into the Atlantic records in the year 1993 and went on to release her first ever self-titled debut album in 1994.

Brandy whose is also a producer, a song writer, and an actress has been on the low for over 8 years without dropping any single or an album, finally dropped her seventh album, which she titled B7, B representing her name Brandy, and 7 indicating that the album is her seventh album to be released.

Brandy who takes the cover of the people’s magazine 2020, in her recent interview with People’s Magazine, talked about what has been happening to her and why she has been on the low with her career, she also talked about her teen fame, her mental health struggles and how her daughter Syrai saved her life all through this process. She also shared in her recent post on Instagram relating to her recent album B7 thanking people’s magazine for allowing her share her spiritual freedom and personal growth, sharing her truth through the art form of music liberating her experience.


The American singer upon the release of her B7 album has grossed millions of streams on the US billboard chart making the highest debut for the week. Who else is excited about brandy’s B7 album? And do you think this album will lift her career from its dead end?

On the other hand, Robyn Rihanna Fenty popularly known as Rihanna, an entrepreneur, songwriter, singer, actress and a philanthropist who has also been on the low in the American music industry as her fans have all been waiting for the release of her album or any single at all.

The diamond singer has obviously proved that she huddling her album and her fans are not letting her chill on it as she was asked on a live interview with Graham Norton In 2018 when she was going to drop her album. See her response below.

Well the Fenty C.E.O has never kept her fans for this long, she ones posted on her Instagram page in December 2019 with the caption that she is listening to her R9 album but refusing to release it. From the post, you’ll see that she was doing it on purpose.


Though Rihanna is yet to disclose the date her album will drop, her fans are hopeful as they wait patiently for the release oh her R9 album.

Riri has always been known for her consistency in the music industry, but keeping her fans waiting for this long has never been her style. The Caribbean singe had to satisfy her fans needs as she also made it known that the album will be reggae inspired.

well there seems to be a little comparison between brandy’s album and that of rihanna as they both have similar album name B7 for Brandy and R9 for Rihanna. Though they have different vibes whose album would you rather listen to on the go? Brandy or Rihanna? Or better still RihannaBrandy??

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