Buhari meets Kankara Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has lamented that the attack on Government Science Secondary Schoolboys, Kankara in Katsina State, during his visit to Daura  was aimed at humiliating his administration.

Buhari stated this while he met with rescued Kankara students and representatives of their parents yesterday.

The President, who explained his visit to his hometown, noted that his last visit was 18 months ago, and it became necessary to visit, as he plans to retire to his town after his second tenure. He, however, lamented that the ugly incident took place during the visit and promised to continue to protect the interests of the nation.

“I normally visit my home town because I swore by the Holy Quran that I will safeguard the nation’s constitution, hence I must hand over power on May 29, 2023 to the next government.

“So, if God spares my life, I’ll definitely come home. This informed my visits home.’’

While speaking at the event, the president also appreciated God for sparing the students’ lives. He urges them to be sober-minded in studies and put behind the bandits’ experience, noting that the government will put all in place to avoid such occurrences.

Buhari also extended his appreciation to the Governor on his role in ensuring the safe return of the schoolboys as well as security agencies.

Responding, Governor Masari suggested that the security architecture in the country should be upgraded to ensure the safety of citizens, assuring that the “kidnap of school children will never happen again’’.

Recall that the Governor started that no ransom was paid for the release of the boys. He, however, mentioned that through collaborations, negotiations, and discussions, the rescue was possible.

He thanked the president for his unfailing support during the process of negotiations for the rescue.

 Meanwhile, the rescue and return of the schoolboys have since received criticism. A former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has professed that the President Buhari Led administration was behind the abduction of schoolboys and that the government should not be congratulated over the release of the schoolboys after six days in captivity.

 “For us to congratulate a government that created a problem and said it solved it? We shouldn’t be doing that. The society should learn how to hold people accountable. The President should be disgusted with what happened, not commending himself. What is he clapping for? Those children were put in harm’s way. And now he said he’s rescued them? Maybe the President sent the children on an excursion to terrorists so they can release children at will to him.

“He needs to tell us exactly what happened with the Kankara kids. There is a problem. This country should not be taken for a ride by President Buhari and his government. This is very unbecoming and the whole world is laughing at us. They think we are jokers. Many countries didn’t even bother to show that anything had happened in our country because they felt who are these people and what are they doing to themselves?”

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