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Burnaboy Apologizes for his Outburst with Shatta Wale, Set to Quit Social Media for the Year

In a rather quick twist, Burnaboy has expressed regrets for engaging in a social media brawl with Ghanian Rapper, Shatta Wale.

The two celebrities have been trading words on social media, dirtying themselves with each other’s secrets even though they used to be very close friends, using cuss words on each other, even going as far as dragging their families into the banter.

Burnaboy and Shatta Wale were both publicizing their deadliest secrets, which ranged from Shatta Wale sexually molesting a lady Burna Boy brought to Ghana and Burna Boy raping a Ghanaian model called Matilda Hipsy. Shatta additionally alleged that Burna Boy has been bonking his mother and he is just ready to reveal more secrets if he (Burna Boy) is up for dirtiness.

But having gone extreme, Burnaboy realized that the entire social media drama is beneath him so he decided to back out of the brawl.

According to the singer, he realized that he had just been making the Ghanian Rapper famous and therefore he owes an apology to his fans and himself especially.

He wrote;

“I really just made this r*apist famous now. What an L.

I’m smarter than this y’all. I really apologize to myself especially.

I’m sorry everyone. I don’t do this type of sh*t. Fighting a pig will only leave you dirty. The pig is used to dirt. I really let this pig get to me but I promise this is the last time I will ever let myself stoop to this level. I sincerely apologize to everyone.

I will not be seeing social media at all this year. I’m out. See you all in real life”.

As much as Burnaboy’s apology is a big move, here’s how Netizens are reacting;

Yusuf_writes: “Matter wey everybody dey use catch cruise, see level wey BurnaBoy carry am go. I no believe say na adults dey cap like this. ‘Odogwu’ in the mud♂️.” 

Oluwatosin_17_: “Burna don’t go to Ghana! You can’t fight a man in his country!!! Pick another country for this fight!!!” 

Chidoxflash: “This is just what Shatta wants. Someone to make him more popular.” 

Misshils0011: “This has to stop before someone gets really hurt. Burna shouldn’t go to Ghana now.” 

Omaofficial_: “You can’t fight a man and win in his own country make ona pick another place.” 

Its_wisspa: “Wizkid can never.. he doesn’t reply negativity or even condone it… real role model.” 

Spicymlook: “Burna go beat shatta . Ph boys no Dey just cap things for social media. Make ee ask question. Me sef Dey avoid ph people like this. Na only me and one other ph person wey no like fight .” 

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