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Cameroonian Artist Requests Their Government To Ban Nigerian Music After Naira Marley Sold Out His Concert In Their Country.

Cameroons’ special forces soldier was said to have allegedly chased everyone from Naira Marley’s concert venue on Valentine’s day, February 14.

The singer was said to have planned to host his concert in Cameroon, scheduled to hold on February 14, but was disrupted by Cameroon’s special forces.

The reason for the show not holding was as a result of some of the Cameroonian citizens saw Naira Marley and his gang as a bad influence on their youths.

Cameroonian music Music journalist Joey Akan had first raised an alarm of Cameroonian comedian CY, leading an anti-Nigerian movement in the country. 

Not just that, lots of Cameroonian entertainers are calling on their government to ban Nigerian music from being played in the country.

Before that, the Cameroonian entertainers called their government to ban the play of Nigerian songs in their country. The tickets for Naira Marley’s show were said to have been sold out.

 That got them angry, alleging that Nigerian songs corrupt their youths as their videos are all filled with sex scenes, smoking marijuana.

On the other hand, the show promoter Prince Enobi who invested heavily in the event, moved the event from Buea, Cameroon’s capital, to Limbe. However, the Cameroonian entertainers reportedly called in special forces who scattered the venue of the event.

Akan tweeted; 

“Yesterday, a Naira Marley concert scheduled to hold in Cameroon didn’t happen. Special Forces Soldiers flooded the venue, scattered it, and chased everyone away, despite Marley being in the country and ready to hit the stage. Why? Hate and beef from Cameroonian artists.

For months, there has been a growing anti-Nigerian movement, with many disgruntled entertainers calling for a ban on Nigerian music. This movement is led by a struggling comedian named CY International. A promoter named Prince Enobi organized a special Valentine’s Day concert.

Naira Marley was booked to perform in Buea, the capital of the Southwest region. The heart of Anglophone Cameroon. Expensive tickets were sold out, and the event was set. But the show did not hold. Cameroon entertainers kicked. They went to Yaounde to ask the government to ban it.”

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