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Cardi-B Goes One-On-One In A Fight With California Police.

Days after the viral video of offset alleged to have been arrested by the police at Beverly Hills, California as he was alleged to have been waving a gun at some trump supporters preparing for the united states 2020 presidential election.

You’ll recall that you reported offset was being arrested alongside side Cardi’s cousins was in the car with him when he was said to have been arrested, by the police while on his Instagram Live, and was seen having a back and forth conversation with the police officer.

We also told you that, the Beverly Hills Police Department later released a statement, confirming that Offset was not arrested, but rather, Marcelo Almanzar, who happens to be Cardi-b’s cousin was the one arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public.

Well, Cardi-b seem not to be having it at all, as she showed up at the police station, in her new black rolls Royce bought to her by her husband offset. In a video trending on social media, Cardi was seen shouting as she was been held back by cops. In her words;

“Why are you pointing a gun at him.
“No. No. Let me record it. No. No. No. No. This is crazy, this is crazy. He’s not armed. My husband is not armed.”
Offset was also seen being ordered by the police to turn off his car engine, but he refused.


Quick question, do you think it was right for the police to have still held offset even after knowing fully well that he wasn’t the one with the firearm?

And do you think Cardi yelling at the police station backing up her husband, was the right thing to do?
Do let us mow what your thoughts are.

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