Cardi-B Set To Play A Major Role As Super Hero, In The Latest Marvel Movie Series “WANDAVISION”

Cardi’s Halloween costume has got everyone talking after she shared a photo of herself all dressed like the Scarlet witch from marvel cinematic universe movies; Captain America: the winter soldier in 2014, avengers: age of Ultron in 2015, captain America: civil war in 2016, avengers: infinity war in 2018 and avengers: endgame in 2019.

Cardi shared the photo with the write-up; “I’m sooo late but I woke up so tired and K had me busy…. anyways SCARLET WITCH.❤️❤️”

Her fans couldn’t help but gush about her costume, as most of them see her be the latest superhero in the Marvel movies, hence replacing Elizabeth Olsen, who has been playing the role of Scarlett witch since 2014 when her character was introduced.

Some of the marvel movies fans are already kissing Elizabeth goodbye from the character as the Cardi is their new Scarlet. They posted; “Bye Lizzie, Cardi b is our new Scarlet Witch.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time, Cardi-B will be seen replicating the role of a superhero, as there is also a photoshop graphics work of her as a superwoman.

Cardi b pulling the scarlet witch costume has sparked the rumors of her set to play a major role in marvel studios latest series “WANDAVISION”

Mind you, Cardi has also been bagging lots of movie roles lately, as she was featured in the latest fast and furious 9 alongside John Cena.

But what do you guys think? Did Cardi nailed the Scarlett witch look or not? And do you see her fitting in any superhero role in Marvel movies?

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