Caroline Danjuma Under Heat for Alleged Age Fraud

Billionaire ex-wife and former Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma has stirred the internet with arguments about her real age as she marked her 35th birthday in style.

“Time for a magical ride on the 35th floor…. happy birthday to me. This new journey will be special and beautiful”, she wrote.

Netizens immediately came for her, stating that she is over 40years and claiming to be 35. This argument had led netizens to recall instances and scenes from the past where Caroline Danjuma had appeared on the screen when they were still young.

A user identified as beyond dream tweeted that Caroline Danjuma was one of the prefects in her high school while she was 9 in JSS1. She wondered how they shared the same age.

@BeyondDreams16 wrote, “Ah na wa o, senior Caroline that was the library prefect in African Church Model College, Ogba. I was in jss 1 at the age of 9 years then while you were in ss3. How come you are 35 years now. The same age group with me now?”

Another user who claims to be EbyCalis alleged that Caroline Danjuma was four years older than she was when the latter starred in her movie “foreign affairs,” and she is 38 now.

She wrote: “Lol, Ekanem pls. No be only 35. When I co-produced my first movie “foreign affairs” which you starred in, I was 18 and you were 22. I’m 38 today. Na Twitter people una go dey bobo like this”.

However, a tweeter identified as Ayo Bankole supported Caroline Danjuma’s age. He claimed he attended the same secondary school as the actress, they passed out the same year, and he is also 35.

@AyoBankole wrote: “social media is really not a real place. I attended same secondary school, same set with Caroline & I’m 35. So it’s either you both have no clue about who you chose to troll, or you truly know her but chose to throw lies just for clout. Crazy out here tbh”.

Another shared a screenshot of what google stated as her age. “But Google says you’re 42”, he wrote.

Reacting, Caroline wrote: ‘Intelligent people know any one can put anything on Google without facts . You ain’t Inyelligent in 2022’.

Another said: “Na true…35 years since 2007. Abeg shift..”. Replying him, the actress cussed him out saying: “Your mother the old witch is the liar”.

𝚁𝚊𝚢 𝚂𝚕𝚊𝚢 wrote, “Does it mean you’re just 5yrs older than I’m? And when you shot deadly kiss you were 5? Wow! That can’t be true na? E no suppose concern me cux it’s your age not mine, but Pls clear me. Cux u debuted in 2004”.

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