CDHR Accuse President Buhari Over Rising of Ethnic Nationalism

The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights has said President Muhammadu Buhari had failed Nigeria through his lopsided appointments, which have raised ethnic nationalism in the country.
The CDHR stated this through a communiqué issued at the end of its National Executive Committee meeting.

The National President of the CDHR, Dr. Osagie Obayuwana, signed the communiqué, revealing that the National Executive Committee exhaustively deliberated on the state of the CDHR pari passu the state of the nation.

The communiqué read in part, “Again, to the CDHR, the primary culprit is the failure of the Buhari government whose six-year tenure has so far promoted want and deprivation across the board for the teeming masses of Nigeria on the one hand, and wealth accumulation for a few, on the other hand.

“General Buhari has through the appointment, and body language encouraged the thinking that his tenure in office is to promote the ethnic supremacy of the Fulani stock; some hawks amongst whom who now openly talk of the consummation of the Uthman Dan Fodio Jihad of conquering the entirety of the landmass called Nigeria.

“President Buhari, being an owner of herds of cattle himself, obviously cannot rise above his entanglement in a conflict of interest in the Herdsmen/Farmers faceoff. We are not surprised that after the rejection of his Ruga proposal, he has retreated into subterfuge in shadowy manoeuvres.”

The committee also said there was a need for the government to uncover how expensive AK-47 rifles were seen in poor herdsmen’s hands. It noted that it was conceivable that the owners of the cattle were supplying the pastoralists with weapons.

It stated further that “Nigerian People from all parts of the country also need to see these issues through this prism. Given that the average Fulani herdsman cannot afford an AK47 rifle, it should be clear that it is this cow owing clique that is arming the herdsmen as part of their strategy to enforce their will, to get other Nigerians to be responsible for their business expenses.”

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