CDQ granted bail, blasts NDLEA for his arrest and brutalisation

Nigerian rapper, is not taking his arrest likely as he has taken to his various social media platforms to express his displeasure. 

Recall that the rapper was recently arrested from his home in Lekki, for allegedly being in possession of a banned substance, Cannabis, known as ”loud”. He was reported to have been beaten by the operatives when he asked for a warrant. 

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He took to Twitter last night to affirm that he was set up and some people were behind his predicament, as he was falsely accused. He further stated that having put so much effort into building his name and career, whoever was trying to bring him down will face the wrath of karma, as it will boomerang on them and their families instead. 

His tweet: ”My mum just said mio leyan shugbon mo ni Olohun. eleshe nimi o shugbon mio ba t’eda je ri. fi gbogbo ija e le fun Olohun whoever is behind all these false accusations it shall boomerang on them and their family… They can’t spoil d name I built with sweat n blood. Yeh Yeh” with the caption, “#couldhavebeenworse #Blessed #moyan”

The message on Twitter was not enough, as he still took to his Instagram to share this message, making sure it gets to the perceived haters. 

He however gained the sympathy of some of his fans as one commented, “They can’t break you my bro”, following the praying hand emoji. 

The rapper has been granted bail but is expected to report with the NDLEA until investigations are completed and he is fully discharged. 

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