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Chacha Eke’s Husband Breaks Silence on Crashed Marriage And Domestic Violence Allegations

Austin Faani, a renowned filmmaker and husband of Nollywood actress Chacha Eke has finally spoken about their marital crisis.

Two years ago, his wife Chacha announced the end of their marriage, alleging domestic violence and a threat to life. Days later, she made a u-turn with claims that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In the early hour of Tuesday, for the second time Chacha announced the end of her nine-year-old marriage to Austin Faani. She said it is better if she leaves while still alive or risks leaving as a corpse.

Chacha revealed that she had been enduring and living a lie in her marriage for years and apologised for deceiving the public.

To prove her seriousness, Chacha has unfollowed her husband on Instagram and deleted his photos and theirs on her social media accounts.

Mr Faani who has never responded to his wife’s allegations denied his wife’s domestic allegations levelled against him and absolved himself of any blame.

He wrote: ‘‘I am not a violent person. Personally, I detest violence in any form. I have never raised my hand on any woman in my life, including my wife. Everyone close to this case knows the absolute truth; it is not my place to divulge it. The one person who started the talk will, in due time, continue to talk. Let light lead.”

He went on to remind Nigerians to focus on the forthcoming general elections and vote for the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

Chacha Eke and Austin Faani first met at a Nollywood Talent show hunt back in 2007; it was not until 2009 that they met again and fell in love. The couple got married om 2013 and have four children together.

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