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Chidinma Ekile faces Dress style criticisms, amidst being a Gospel singer

Chidinma Ekile, a one-time secular musician, now turned Gospel Artiste and Evangelist has been chastised by one Evangelist Edet, for not changing her dress style, amidst being a gospel singer and born again. 

Chidinma recently renounced secular music, while declaring that she is now a born again and missionary of Christ. The singer went as far as declaring all her old posts which relate to secular music, as she declared becoming a gospel singer. 

She had recently posted pictures of herself, which doesn’t seem immodest, but happened to capture the attention of the public, especially the Evangelist Edet. 

According to Edet, “When a person becomes born again everything about that person changes both inwardly and outwardly. The way he or she walks, speaks, dresses will change automatically “.

“This girl Chidinma claims to be born again, but she still dresses almost the same way she use to dress while in the world, He continued. The way you dress in the world shouldn’t be the same way you dress in the LORD, there must be a change if you have really encountered the Lord. You can’t be born-again and still wear makeup, earrings, eyelash, false nails, Weavon, attachment, ring and trouser. Those things are from Satan and it is of the world”, he criticized.

As at the time of this post, Chidinma is yet to respond but netizens have backed her, commenting that one doesn’t need to look mad because they accepted Christ and turned born again.

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