Chike in the mud for charging N400k for a Birthday Shoutout

Chike made it to the trending table after he allegedly charged a lady the sum of four hundred thousand Naira for a mere birthday shout out.

A Twitter user (@_hashcode) uploaded a video where he surprised his girlfriend with a birthday shoutout from one of her favourite actors, Joseph Morgan, the British actor who starred as Klaus in the popular ‘Vampire Diaries’

The video got a lot of retweets and commendations from people who admired the extent the guy went to for his girlfriend until a Twitter user (@Queenprecy_) quoted the tweet stating that Chike charged her four hundred thousand naira for the same birthday shout out British star Joseph Morgan did for free.

She tweeted, “Chike in the mud, asked for 400k to do birthday shoutout early this year”

As expected, the tweet got a lot of reactions. They compared his quality to that of veteran musicians who have been there before him. They said ‘the boo of the booless’s Ngee isn’t worth the amount he quoted.

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