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Chris Brown’s Ex-Housekeeper Demands $20 Million Over Alleged Vicious Dog Attack

Chris Brown’s former housekeeper says she wants at least $20 million in damages for his dog attacking her.

The woman, using the pseudonym Jane Doe said she was working at Brown’s Tarzana mansion with her sister. She claims while working in the backyard his Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka got loose and attacked her. In court documents, she claims the animal ripped off chunks of her skin off her face and body.

She said she was left severely injured and ‘had to undergo extensive surgery. 

Once the alleged dog attack stopped, Doe said she was covered in her own blood crying for help. Brown reportedly came outside the home and then told his team to take the dogs before cops got there. 

Doe accused Brown of misleading the authorities on what actually happened on the day in question. She says he told the officers he had no idea despite being fully aware of the circumstances.

The former housekeeper is now suing the 32-year-old music star for major damages. She believes Brown owes her $20 million in pain and suffering, another $20 million for her emotional distress, and $10 million for her loss of consortium.

The filing also lists her damages as $20 million for the disfigurement the dog allegedly caused and the physical impairment.

The woman reveals her medical expenses have cost her $24k so far and she believes she will spend another $400k in the future.

The woman lists her lost earnings to date as $100k but believes she’ll be out another $550k when all is said and done.

Chris Brown is yet to respond to the lawsuit in court.

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