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Code Hub Africa Boss, Chizom, Allegedly Threatens Suicide as Don Jazzy Plans to Audit His Company

Renowned Tech boss, Chizom reportedly threatened to take his own life after Don Jazzy reached out asking to audit his company.

It all started weeks ago when he announced that he is interested in training Nigerians who want to join the tech industry. Each session would cost N15, 000 and he needed people to contribute to this venture. Don Jazzy gave him N1.5 million for the project. It wasn’t long before another Nigerian added N1.5 million to the fund.

This was celebrated as many Nigerians showed interest in getting the technical training until Chizom was later outed as a predator who reportedly used his influence to coax women into having relationships with him.

He however apologized for his actions but denied ever asking for sex in exchange of his tech services.

He wrote: “I am broken at the events I have caused. This hurts me that I have hurt a lot of people and my sponsors. Twitter has helped me grow, learn, be impacted and help to contribute to others. I am deeply sorry because this hurts me that I messed up as a Husband, friend, creator and leader. I deeply regret my actions and take full responsibility of these actions. I learn everyday and make mistakes. I will do better. I promise. Forgive me. I have never asked for sex in exchange of my tech service. That information is false.”

However in a recent development, Olufemi Aghe, who works as a mentor with his company reported that Chizom misappropriated the funds donated to his company and threatened to kill himself after Don Jazzy announced plans to audit him. 

Olufemi narrated;

“Being a self-taught developer, I know how difficult it can be trying to navigate through alone.

Recently, we all woke up to tweets from @hackSultan and Moe about how Chizom has been harassing tweeps with his code school. 

He called few days later saying @DONJAZZY wanted to audit him and he needs my help. He said he had contemplated suicide the previous night and was currently thinking of it (I don’t take issues like this lightly) so I agreed to help. 

The second mentor declined the offer but I was able to convince her to continue for free as a new cohort was about to start. Let me state here that at the inception of CodeHub, the initial agreement was that mentors get 10k out of the 15k paid by students. 

He asked I help draft out a mail to Don Jazzy which I did” and I agreed to continue as a mentor on the condition that he steps down and gets a female co-founder who will oversee affairs (which he agreed to). Thus, he will be making a discount for Codehub to accept new students, and he won’t be stepping down as planned because he was advised not to as it will make him appear weak.

It became clear that I was only being used as a tool to scale through this hurdle and he isn’t remorseful or willing to take responsibility for his actions. I will therefore be stepping down as a mentor of CodeHub Africa. A cohort is currently in session so I will see this current set through as promised, after which I will severe all ties with CodeHub Africa”.

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