Consensus Candidate not the Solution to Nigeria’s Challenges -Peter Obi

The Presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and former governor of Anambra State, Dr Peter Obi, has said a consensus candidate is not the solution to Nigeria’s challenges.

Obi stated this during a meeting with chieftains of the PDP in Akure, Ondo State, ahead of the party’s forthcoming primaries. 

He also lamented that the All Progressives Congress has drawn the country backward and should not be reelected in 2023. 

The former governor noted that Nigeria does not need a consensus arrangement at this present time.

“What the country needs at this period is somebody who can turn around the country’s economy and not a consensus candidate.

“The country needs someone that would work to rescue the country to get out of its challenges as the next president.

“We are not talking of who will be the country’s next president but who will start working for this country called Nigeria. Nigerians did not need a consensus candidate but a problem solver to fix Nigeria.

“Nigerians are looking forward to having somebody capable of making the nation productive and pulling the country out of poverty.

“The children can no longer eat. We are at a high level of misery. We cannot allow them to continue.

“If nothing is done on Nigeria’s problem, it would consume all of us. It will consume our children too. We must not talk about consensus now. We must talk about who will work. Nigerians want a consensus that will solve Nigeria’s problem. We want someone that will take Nigeria from consumption to production level.”

Earlier, the presidential aspirants had, during his visit to Ekiti State, noted that unless Nigerians take critical decisions and actions, the country is headed for a deep crisis.

He lamented that the poor state of the economy is a major cause of insecurity in the country.

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