Content Creator Maraji Breaks Down In Tears As She Gets Dumped By Her Long Time Boyfriend

Relationships are not for everyone. You can be in a long term relationship with someone hoping you guys will end up together, but after the years spent with each other, boom! it all ends in your face.

This is realistic as it has happened to a lot of persons. Lets just say they are not bold enough to come out publicly to say or talk about their heart break after years of being in a relationship.

Nigerian popular Content Creator, Gloria Oloruntobi otherwise known as Maraji, took to her social media page to talk about her breakup experience with her long time boyfriend who dumped her for another girl, without them having  an issue, not minding the years, and the things they’ve been through together.

According to Maraji (while expressing herself in tears talking about her relationship that lasted for only two years), bad things do happen to her too. People might see her laugh and all excited, but she does go through hard times as well.

Her fans reacted as they also felt her pain and had never seen her in such a state. They reached out to her in the way they could.

But her friends were not helping at all, instead of them pampering her, they lashed at her

Well, who else has gotten their heart broken?

Do you still believe in long term relationships because it looks like its out of maraji’s book.

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