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Crossdresser Bobrisky flaunts the N1million credit alert he allegedly received from a fan for looking beautiful

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky has taken a swipe at street workers who take the longer route to make money, while he just sat and received a million Naira merely for being “beautiful”.

Bobrisky on Snapchat shared a screenshot of a million Naira credit alert he received from a fan, with claims that a male fan had sent him the whopping amount to appreciate his beauty. Bobrisky said the fan told him, he didn’t want anything from him.

Describing him as her type of man, Bobrisky bragged about how she received a such huge sum of money without having to do anything, unlike runs girls who have to spend the entire weekend with a man before making such money.

“Someone just sent me 1,000,000 here. He said send me your account am sending you money just so appreciate ur BEAUTY. He said he didn’t want anything from me thou. Awwww my type of men”.

“Bitch I just collected 1million for looking pretty. That’s some of you hater money for runs to spend weekend in a man house. Bitch learn from BOBRISKY”, she bragged.

Reacting to the post, observant followers pointed out that the money came from an account that has Bobrisky’s real name, Okuneye Idris.

@sauceprince1, “From BOB to BOB. You will clearly see transfer From OKUNLEYE or whatever there. CLOUT DRESSER oshi.”

@ericelteria, “Oga or aunt please we are not on this table this year find something meaningful and do with your life”.

@ralphpossibilities, “How can sender name be your name,are you the man that sent you money??”

@itz_luke_dominic, “Wahala… Take a look at the Narration😂😂. That funds was sent from His other account. Abeg make una rest. 😂😂😂😂😂… GO AND GET YOUR PVC✌️✌️✌️✌️”

@missjayu, “Why is it from Okunleye Idris to Bob? Who come be Idris and who be Bob? 😂😂😂😂”.

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