Daddy Showkey reacts to 2Baba and Brymo’s saga

Veteran Singer, John Asiemo popularly known as Daddy Showkey has intervened in the ongoing tussle between Nigerian musicians 2Baba and Brymo.

Brymo accused 2face of being the one behind the hooligans who attacked him a few years back. He also alleged that Idibia accused him of sleeping with his wife.

Daddy Showkey reacts to 2Baba and Brymo's saga

However, Tu Face, in a statement released by his solicitors, described the allegation as false and baseless, threatening to sue Brymo for defamation, unless he tenders an unreserved apology within 48 hours, else he faces a billion Naira lawsuit.

Reacting in a live chat with Daddy Freeze, Daddy Showkey stated that anyone in support of Brymo’s decision to call out 2baba at this time when his family is in crisis doesn’t mean well for them.

The 51-year-old singer said: “In the case of Brymo and 2face, I’ve been watching it and I’ve been laughing. My reason for using that word that I’ve been laughing is this, First of all, 2face and his wife are going through a lot. This is not the time for that type of issue.

Unless, if you have anything against 2face or 2face accused you of this, accused you of this and you have proof, at least, you know people to call. Ah! look at what this guy did o.

This issue that Brymo is saying. This is somebody’s wife one and this is somebody’s husband and they are going through a lot with family crisis going on. So, unless, they don’t want peace in the boy’s family. Anybody that is supporting what is going on does not want peace to be in 2Face family.

If they go to court, it will still boil to the same thing that we said. They will call us and begin to beg saying we can settle, we can talk out of court.

So, for me o, I will say it and anybody like make e happy any like make e no happy. Some people want to take issues and get popular. But you don’t play with people’s lives, believe me.

So you, Brymo, at least you know people that know 2face. If you have anything in your mind that this man accused me of something that I didn’t do or you go and report him to those people.

Somebody like Eddy Lawani is there. Eddy Lawani is the father of everybody, including myself. Eddy Lawani is like the father to all of us. Go and meet Eddy, report the matter to Eddy. Eddy will call 2face.”

OAP Dotun had earlier accused Daddy Freeze of taking sides with the Idibias, after he told Brymo that his accusations were made at the wrong time because Tuface and his wife have gone through a lot. Daddy Freeze was of the opinion that it’s not bad for Brymo to speak his truth but he should let the sleeping dog lie considering Annie and Tuface have been in the news lately ranging from one issue to another.

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