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Davido Still In Shock Over The Loss Of His Bodyguard Tijani.

Davido penned down a heartfelt message to his bodyguard, Tijani, as he still can’t believe he is dead. Tj was said to have passed on yesterday, December 8, though the cause of his death is unknown.

Obo is still in shock as he can’t believe the news that TJ is dead. The singer shared a couple of pictures of him and TJ on Instagram, as he penned down a heartfelt message in the caption, remembering the good times he had with TJ, who worked for him past 11 years.

“Please tell me I am dreaming… my Tj was gone? What imma do without you uncle Tj ehn… 11 years you did all for me put me before you at all times all the times I wouldn’t wanna wake up for a show or flight you’d carry me like a baby in the car no matter what I did right or wrong you were there for me to allow me to spend money sometimes nah problem every time ‘David don’t worry I’ll use my card ‘.. you were such a big person with a baby heart… everyone loved you I wanna wake up late for a show so you’d come and carry me again I don’t even know what I’m typing, man RIP UNCLE TIJANI… tired of being “STRONG.”

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